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Cyprus Bungalows

North Cyprus Bungalows are situated around Kyrenia, North Cyprus. Bungalows in northern cyprus range from cheap comfortable family-run hotel bungalows to luxurious 5-star bungalows.

North Cyprus

There is a list of northern cyprus bungalows:

Cyprus Bungalows
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Discount Cyprus Bungalows
Serves discounts and special offers for your holiday in northern region of Cyprus.
Best Tours
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Hotel Club Z
A 4-star-hotel in centre Kyrenia, within 10-mins-walking-distance to Byzantine Castle and Kyrenia Harbour.

Cyprus Car Hire
20% discount.

Alibey North Cyprus Bungalows
A lovely hotel in Kyrenia, Cyprus.
Acapulco Beach Resort (recommended)
Best beach.
At the foot of the mountains.
Dome (recommended)
By the shore of the blue Mediterranean Sea.
For the sophisticated travellers who wants to relax.
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There are about 200 varieties of fish in the waters around the island. For this reason you will find many fishing boats in the harbour of Kyrenia and elsewhere. Large specimens of tuna fish are often caught. Usually the fishermen sell their catch as soon as it is landed directly to whichever local restaurant is first to hear about the catch. This also means that you can always find daily fresh fish in the market places.

Other animals
You should count yourself lucky if he sees a moufflon - a symbol of the island - in captivity, let alone in the wild. The indigenous species of cow still exists, and attempts are being made to preserve it in an animal park in Catalkoy. Foxes and hares abound, and hedgehogs are common. The species in the island has long ears and is a colonist from Norrth Africa.


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