North Cyprus

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A castle belonging to the town, rock tombs, a temple, and a harbour which is now full have been found as a result of excavations carried out in the region.

The town was one of the six important towns of Cyprus in the 2nd century B.C. There are three churches close to Aphendrika: Saint Georgios, Panaya Chrysiotissa and Panaya Asomatos. Saint Georgios is a single-domed church with a two-part apsis built in the 10th century. Panaya Chrysiotissa was constructed in the 6th century. It was renewed at the end of the 10th century as it had been destroyed as a result of Arab raids.

The wooden ceiling was replaced with a tunnel-vaulted one. The church was destroyed once again during the middle ages and was reconstructed for the last time in the 16th century. The one in the best condition of these three churches is the Panaya Asomatos church built in the 6th century. This church too was reconstructed in the 10th century as it was destroyed during the Arab raids.


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