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Property Rental

Property Rental North Cyprus is a big holiday market in Northern Cyprus. Real estate agents offer holiday properties for rentals in North Cyprus.

Renting a property is no big deal, but we advise searching for your holiday rental place on-line. Properties vary in price in North Cyprus.

Property rental includes: villas, bungalows, cottage, houses, flats, apartments, rentals and new builds of Cyprus.

Property Rental Cyprus
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  Bella Road Holiday Village
property rental for holiday is great.
Ref. No. NCP-001
Location Bellapais, Kyrenia
Title Freehold
Price £ 450,000


northern region is amazing.

Rentals in Kyrenia

It is not possible to say when first inhabitants of the island lived, but it is believed possible that as long ago as 8.500 B.C. there were settlements on the island.

The island has had many names, but the name we use now is believed to have come from the word copper of which there was, and possibly still is, an abundance of on the island. An alternative theory is that its name comes from the word Kypros (the Greek for henna) of which there was also abundance. No one knows for sure.

The island has had a troubled history. The abundance of copper, timber, and the strategic location between East and West resulted in repeated invasions, changes of rulers, and strife for the inhabitants.

Before the annexation to Rome in 58 B.C. Phoenicians, Archaeans, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, and Greeks colonized the island.

In 43 A.D. Christianity came to the island and in 330 A.D. the island became part of the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire. And so it remained until 1191 when Richard the Lionheart, on his way to the Holy Land to fight the 3rd Crusade, conquered the island. A year later Richard sold the island to the Knights Templar for 100,000 Byzants. The Knights Templar, unable to exploit the island satisfactorily, then returned the island to Richard who sold it to the French nobleman Guy de Lusignan...

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