cyprus scuba diving in this island is great

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Scuba Diving in North Cyprus

North Cyprus Scuba Diving is lead by a few professional scuba diving companies and many magnificent dive sites.

After your flight to North Cyprus, you are just minutes away from some of the best scuba diving in the Mediterranean. Base yourself at Kyrenia in North Cyprus, and you’ll have access to some spectacular dive sites, guided by experts from the town’s various PADI approved dive schools.

Scuba diving in Cyprus is a dream. Clear visibility (30 metres plus), warm waters, the chance to see turtles, octopus, grouper, numerous other fish, fascinating coral and plant life. See the remains of amphora and other pottery all over the area dating back several thousand years lying undisturbed on the seabed of Mediterranean.

The oldest wreck in the world (carbon dated to 300 BC) was found just off Girne (Kyrenia). She sank in heavy seas and now complete with her cargo is housed in a special museum at the castle, but there remain on the seabed many artefacts where she went down.

North Cyprus has one of the longest dive seasons in the world, running from April right through until almost Christmas. The lack of tides mean even beginners can learn in safety in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, and dive amongst rocks and fish on their very first lesson. Great dive sites in Northern Cyprus include wrecked ships, reef formations, caves, cuts and canyons that team with wildlife. There are ancient sites to explore too, featuring Roman remains, and remember that the world’s oldest shipwreck was discovered in North Cyprus, just outside Kyrenia harbour! Remember to take your camera when diving, as the marine wildlife can be spectacular.  Apart from encountering stingrays, wrasse and grouper, you may even find yourself diving alongside the island’s famous residents, the green and loggerhead turtles! So, take the plunge and explore the North Cyprus coast  - from under the waves.

Should you want to contact any of the scuba diving professionals before your visit to Cyprus, feel free to do so.

Cyprus Scuba Diving
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Dive Sites
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north dive sites are in Kyrenia

Dive Sites - Enjoy the underwater

PARADISE: Paradise is just another Top Spot of the Zephyros Reef that stretches out in open sea, about three kilometers off the coast and Sun Set Beach. It is the deepest site at the particular Reef complex. Recommended for experienced divers due to the depths. Due to the whole surrounding a diver will find marine life galore and an unbelievable variety of marine species of all kind and sizes. Furthermore, Paradise includes lots of cuts, little holes and canyons, worth for a closer look.

ZEYKO: Good for novices due to the shallow reef top, underwater mountain, sloping down to greater depths, rocks scattered around everywhere, a torch will be very useful for a closer inspection of holes and crevices, lots of groupers and Sea breams of all size can be found under every rock, it`s impressive to see all the schooling Monk fish close to the reef top and the surface, good for wide angel photography.

KARPAZ WRECK: The Citti Di Alesandria is completely broken up, but the hull can still be dived in some bigger parts. The engine lays away from the hull within an acceptable swimming distance, while the propeller and the anchor can be found just in one line. Groupers, Amber jacks, Snappers, Octopus and smaller monk fish gather around.


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