North Cyprus

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When you are packing for your flight to North Cyprus, make sure you travel light, so you can bring back lots of shopping!

North Cyprus may not have international shopping malls and designer names, but that’s why shopping in North Cyprus is so much more fun! There are wonderful items to be discovered in the markets and winding streets of North Cyprus towns, where shopkeepers have time to talk to you about their wares. They may even give you some traditional ‘evil eye’ blue beads as a gift, to keep you safe until the next time you visit!

Great shopping bargains in North Cyprus include the famous Lefkara lace, with designs inspired by the intricate clothes of the Venetians rulers of Cyprus. The finest Lefkara lace is to be found in specialist shops, and is incredibly delicate work. The lace found in the markets is Lefkara embroidery lace, which is more robust, and hence is better for everyday use.

For a fun, functional and funky present, find room in your suitcase for a traditional North Cyprus wicker basket or two, or the colourful Northern Cyprus wicker trays that brings instant Mediterranean sunshine to any dinner table!

There is an extensive range of consumer goods and services available throughout the island. Many of the popular imported brand names are readily available and can be found in local supermarkets. Fresh local produce can be purchased from a wide variety of markets and small stores and there is wide range of wines and spirits at very low costs: For example, local brandy retailing at approximately £1.10 per bottle. VAT (KDV) is levied on most goods and services with rates ranging from 20% down to 2%.


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